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“We’ve become so accustomed to giving away our wealth that we’ve forgotten how to use it in the simple, ordinary way it was intended: for the good of our families and ourselves!” – Animal Colony – T.A. Rexroth/M.A. OlsenFoundational Employment
     One of the most powerful forces for positive change in our world will always be those people who are driven to serve others. I believe this is true no matter the race, culture or background we look at! Sure, there are people that are only concerned for themselves, people that will hurt others for personal gain, or those that employ deceit to target the generous. But I believe most Americans, of all colors and creeds, are genuinely good people that find innate joy in doing good for others! Growing up in poverty, I would say that it’s usually the people that have the least in life who show the most love. Even in a neighborhood like ours, described as “A world outside of our world” by our D.A.; There are questionable characters for sure, but most impoverished Americans are good hearted! And if provided the truth, even some of the hardest shelled people from our community would reveal the goodness that God put in them. In other words, the more people we provide the truth about wealth to, the better we do at lifting our neighbors out of systemic poverty. I predict that the act of neighbors supporting neighbors will be compounded and noticed in the most unlikely of places!

     Sometime in 2011, when I began reading the 2010 census data showing the income data and demographics breakdown for the 76704 zip-code. I learned that this impoverished community in Waco, with just under 9,000 residents, boasts a collective monthly income of around $18,000,000.00! You read that right, $18 Million per MONTH! I wanted to know where all that wealth was going each month; our community sure wasn’t seeing its fruit! I concluded that most of the disposable income of residents living in or on the edges of poverty, sometimes hundreds or even thousands per month, is spent outside the community! I learned the term “wealth-fare” while reading a book written by K. Carl Smith, “The Fredrick Douglas Republican.  I fell in love with the concept of fighting to retain as much wealth as possible in our communities to combat poverty. Over the next 7+ years, most of the time with more zeal than knowledge, I made several attempts to spark an actual wealth fare system. I tried talking about the subject on blog talk radio, I tried a series of You-tube videos; I even typed up the “Declaration of Community Independence” and “The Community Leadership Initiative”, but it seemed like no one wanted to hear it!

     I had to lose all our money in late 2012, for the second time, before being forced to get a regular job to keep my family afloat. On December 12, 2012, I was hired by a temporary staffing agency to work for The Reinforced Earth Company as a general laborer. I figured I would make enough money, quit, and get back after my dreams in East Waco! Well, I’ll be with The Reinforced Earth Company for 7 years on December 12, 2019. I’m now a certified Specialist in Safety and Health via the UTA OSHA Training Institute. I currently advise seven production sites and eight regional offices across the United States as the National Safety Coordinator. I develop policies, procedures and trainings; and I design or improve production sites, including, but not limited to, process improvements, traffic control, work station designs, product inventory, and workforce management. I truly feel that God used this job to equip me for this very mission! Today, we have everything in place that we need to shoot for it, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do! I will be managing The New Guard and the DBA's listed below, but the partnership between my aunt and I, and the three commercial properties we are actively developing, put us closer to making wealth-fare a reality than ever before! The process will offer work to as many residents as possible, productivity will determine income, benchmarks will determine increases, and 3-year employment contracts will result in financial independence for all participants!
     Our liberty to build wealth in America, own property, and access just about any market we desire, makes us the most liberated citizenry in all of world history! My family and I were extremely motivated, standing in the rain, feeling like a part of history as President Trump delivered his “Salute to America” from the Lincoln Memorial on July 4th! The President brilliantly highlighted many of the technological, scientific, artistic, and societal advancements that American enterprise and innovation delivered to human kind! President Trump challenged us all as Americans that day, to honor all that has been sacrificed, and take pride in what has been accomplished since our founding! Well, this is our family’s effort to build wealth in one community and show the true power of American enterprise! I will post articles to The New Guard as close to weekly as possible; my target date for the next article, “Civil Guards”, is Friday, August 30th. But I like to think of myself as informal, sitting on your front porch, visiting with you as a reader, sharing the plans of The New Guard! So I may take longer than you expected, but we are moving forward and here’s where you’ll read the details.

     The New Guard is currently developing production processes for each of the products shown below and should have the remaining 2 launch products by mid-September! The hats are NOT made in America yet, but they are purchased blank with Polatik designs pressed by locals. We do plan on eventually making the hats in our community, however that won’t likely happen until January of 2020. We can make a hat by hand no problem; the challenge is being able to make 30 or more on any given day. But we’ll get there!      
We’ve begun initial production line layout planning on the East Waco site. The first ever Wealth-Fare System will be initiated the moment these 5 production lines are ready to produce! We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, we hope to begin hiring community residents by January 1, 2020! I’ve begun planning a series of meetings on the site starting on Tuesday, September 3rd, exactly 10 years to the day from the first T.E.A. Party performance!  Full details explaining the wealth-fare initiative will be provided that evening. All known community pastors/ministers, business owners/managers, local entertainers and community leaders will be invited to invest. The New Guard will pledge our support for, offer exclusive product launches, provide access to our distribution network, and placement in our online store, to any community enterprise that agrees to follow the foundational employment business model. The New Guard will collect data and provide confidential audits periodically for all business affiliates. Products listed below are property of Polatik’s Entertainment LLC, The New Guard DBA, Lianna Marie DBA, and Saucedo Brothers DBA. In partnership with Las Casas LLC.


“The Patriot Pack”, by Lianna Marie is a stylish Blue Jean purse made by my daughter. The original shown above far left, is made from stock blue jean material and the American flag head scarf Lianna wore on July 4th as we watched President Trump at The Lincoln Memorial. The Patriot Pack production line will provide a minimum of 6 production jobs when launched and will be capable of producing multiple small products by Lianna Marie.

Above center are two examples of our sanded, stained, and stenciled novelty wall hangers. My sons and I work together on the original pieces which we catalog for production. Saucedo Brothers’ production lines will likely have between five and ten wood products ready to produce and will be capable of rapidly transitioning to new products.

Polatik Apparel, above far right, will include hats, shirts, and custom clothing items to be announced! I will also be releasing new songs in support our efforts! If you feel led to help us get off the ground, we will be launching our online store soon!

For Liberty,

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The First Guard

I cannot express how excited I am to finally begin this journey! I’ve been a relatively quiet activist except for a few posts and comment debates I’ve had on Facebook. We have far too much hatred, division, and complaining in our nation today! The blatant misinformation being force fed to our people, seems to be auto programed on every tv in hotels, airports, and corner stores! So many of our neighbors, friends, even some of our family members, will repeat media talking points without taking time to investigate their sources. Originally, I didn’t know what to title this column. I wanted something consistent with my passion for community! Something broad enough to cover both social and political spectrums; but I wanted something that would interest both supporters and those that I don’t always agree with.  

After a day or so, it came to me in what seemed like an instant! It wasn’t like the normally referenced light bulb; this was like stadium lights! “The New Guard”! A column not filled with opinion pieces, but rather, one that would share the stories and works of my family and any like-minded Americans we’re fortunate enough to meet! This column will promote products our people manufacture, we’ll share our success stories, and offer partnership opportunities for readers and members of the communities that we serve. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson first said it was our right; then almost as if to correct himself, called it the people’s “duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security”. If you’re the breed of Patriot that takes those instructions literally, please subscribe to The New Guard, don’t just read, if you’re able to stack hands with us, we need you!

I’d like to thank my good friend and fellow Patriot Joseph Spencer for his book titled, “What Can One Man Do? How to Restore the Republic and Establish the New Guard”. This book inspired me greatly when I first read it in 2012. Spence’s vision, the mission, and his strategic thought process made me want to do what I’m doing now back then! But I didn’t have enough experience six years ago, but I remember that seed being planted. Many of our objectives come directly from Spence’s book, but rather than a network of individual volunteer guards, our mission is to establish a network of New Guard facilities, following the same strategic roll out you will see here in Waco. The first “New Guard” facility will be used to serve families in the 76704-zip code! We’ll be hosting a BBQ on September 3rd where we will officially launch. We will always make families our “First Guard”! Our future will include on-site child care, marriage/family counseling, fatherhood support, and classes on emotionally healthy spirituality. Many pro-family services will be incentivized through our foundational employment processes!  

Saying that the family is the first guard is easy! But guarding family may mean declining opportunities or putting off wants for needs to make sure the family is right! I liked the way The Washington Examiner put it, “A foundation of intact families and cohesive communities is a foundation of rock. Whatever winds blow and beat against an American Dream built on that foundation, it will not fall.” If we’re going to restore this Republic, we must reject today’s destructive culture! Our mission to enlighten and strengthen as many families around us as possible is our way of trading debates for blessing! We can’t go back and undo the wrongs or the evils of history. The right thing to do now is to build the world that should be ours today! Our past will not dictate our future. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Some families have been trapped in poverty by as little as $20,000.00 of debt, some less than that! I believe without a doubt, that our fellow Americans who live in poverty, if given the choice, would choose the people’s hand up over the governments hand out!  
 The first New Guard facility is zoned commercial, it’s 100% paid off, and it’s in one of the lowest income communities in Waco, TX! I won’t get too far into this, because next week’s article “Guarding Wealth” is going to explain the details. But It’s important to know that exposing the federal welfare system as ineffective doesn’t require a legislative battle or a million-dollar building! It requires the ability to generate wealth, understand how to retain that wealth in the community, never having to settle for the government’s crumbs. No other system of government protects free market possibilities and opportunities for citizens to prosper like capitalism! The New Guard’s foundational employment process, coupled with our profit-sharing manufacturing plans, will usher in a wealth-fare system that I’m going to predict will render shocking results. Don’t miss next week’s article, “Guarding Wealth”, I sincerely appreciate your time and interest!

Type “People Like Us by David Saucedo” into youtube for my latest song!

For Liberty,

David Saucedo by David Saucedo @
“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."  – The Declaration of Independence –

     Some of you may be familiar with my story from my travels with the T.E.A. Party Express, but for the sake of reintroducing myself to those that are not, I would like to briefly explain how an uneducated, low income, Hispanic, who grew up through the hip-hop culture of the 1990’s, could end up becoming a
commanding voice for conservative principles and the cause of Liberty. In this article I will share some perspectives, and provide a general overview of what to expect from The New Guard column. The actions I take as an American Patriot, to fight back against the enemies of Liberty will hopefully inspire others to take principled actions rather than merely holding passionate opinions.

     In 2009, a group of what looked like 50 or more people began demonstrating in down town Waco, Texas; This is a town with a population of only 150,000, and not exactly a hot spot for protest. I remember my older brother Robert inviting me to go down town with him to see what it was all about, and out of curiosity I obliged. I never would have imagined that this group

of American Patriots would have completely changed my understanding of not only The United States of America, but also other types of governments around the world, past and present. This group of people called themselves The Waco T.E.A. Party, and even though I was a Hispanic, with tattoos and very naïve beliefs, they offered me literature and were willing help me learn if I was willing to dialog. The first time I read The Declaration of Independence was when one of them handed me a pocket size constitution that included the Declaration. I continued learning about the history of our great nation and the principle upon which it was founded, and it’s from these timeless principles that I will base every article I for this column.

     There are four key things that took place in the Declaration of Independence; The Founders explained the principles they believed to be true and just, they clearly listed the abuses of power that were intolerable as a free people, they declared before man and God the actions they would take, and they committed their lives, even to death, to see this Declaration through! I titled this column The New Guard, because in these articles, I will also be proclaiming the principles I believe are true and just, I will boldly speak against abuses of power and policies that are oppressive in nature; I will declare my intentions and share the details of my actions and the actions of my fellow Patriots, and if for some reason I lose financially, reputation wise, or even my life, I will be honored to be among those that came before me that did something rather than nothing.

     It’s been nine years since I began this journey of Patriotic action. I have invested thousands of dollars trying to start things that I believed would help us fight back. Some of my efforts were relatively successful, and many of my efforts cost me dearly. I would say that my most significant attribute is that I never learned how to give up. As I learned these priceless lessons, I began to realized that we can stand for all the right principles, but if we never learn to understand the perspectives of different types of people, we will never get past the echo-chamber and start those brush fires that are necessary in the minds of our fellow Americans. Furthermore, if the only people we learn to influence are people that will meet us at our own perspective, our ability to influence others is not truly being challenged.

      I believe it is critical that we communicate in a way that enables as many people as possible to comprehend our messages, our visions and our goals. I believe in our liberty to take action as Americans, and what you will read in these articles are examples of how we are actually establishing a New Guard. The liberal agenda has done many things over the years to create a new system of slavery in America, and these policies give us all we need to turn what they see as their base into their greatest adversary. You will see repetitiveness in these articles, but as I explain what we are successful at, I think you will agree that if we can rally around and organize for campaigns, we can rally around and organize for conservative solutions!

     As you learn more about our efforts, our hope is that you will join our efforts or begin similar efforts in your own communities. I’m not a professional writer, but I will do my best to clearly explain what we are doing, what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between with each article. You will learn about my career in the private sector, how it ties into the local non-profit sector, and how we directly impact the political and social sectors in our community. I hope to learn from our readers, grow another community with our readers and even partner with our readers to improve our operations and increase our successes. Ronald Regan told us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction, with today’s youth being overwhelmingly inundated with liberal lunacy, cultural efforts like ours are needed more than ever! I will strive to write two to three articles a month, I hope you will read and share them if they interest you.

For God, Family, and Freedom,

David Saucedo
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